Construction buildings

Our goal is to meet the needs and desires of our clients with high quality construction, strict adherence to schedules and reasonable pricing. We use effective partners and carefully selected suppliers and subcontractors. The high level of expertise, the drive for innovation, the knowledge and the best infrastructure of our company, enable us to fulfill the requirements of our clients safely, quickly, flexibly and economically. 


The most important step for the proper renovation is to choose the right partner. Poseidon is one of the leading companies in the field of renovation and guarantees an excellent result, at the best possible price. The many years of experience of its partners on the study, design and implementation of a renovation, are features that will ensure the desired result, consistently on the time schedule.


Our top priority is to provide prompt service to anyone interested, with respect and confidentiality. We have a selected team of associates such as lawyers, notaries, architects, engineers, decorators, appraisers and translators. We also maintain a stable partnership with financial institutions in terms of providing services such as evaluation, negotiation or financing, aiming to provide the best services to our clients.