About us

Poseidon Yachting LtD is active in the field of pleasure boat rentals since 1990. It is an enterprise whose members are fully trained on navigation and safety of recreational craft. Our experience in the field all these years are the key to providing exceptional and quality service to our customers. So choose us to add another fantastic experience in your already wonderful holiday in Greece. Rent a sailing boat, in a very long time low prices to enjoy an exciting journey with countless choices.

A wind-powered boat offers a unique feel freedom and an unprecedented contact with nature. The Greek coasts are available incredible beauties that are inaccessible by any other means. A sailing boat boat can be a floating base for many more enchanting
activities such as fishing, wind surfing and diving. If all of this is added in the absence of overcrowding then surely sailing is the ideal one a way to get to know the Greek coastline.